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CLTF - Collections Office

The Laborers Southern California Trust Fund Provides a Wealth of Benefits to the Construction Industry

The Laborers Southern California Trust Fund was established to manage the operations of the Laborers Health and Welfare, Pension, Vacation and Training and Retraining Trust Funds for Southern California. The Boards of Trustees of the above trust funds empowered the Administrative Office, through their policies, to act on their behalf in managing the financial as well as benefit operations of these trust funds.

Trust Fund Duties

The duties of the Administrative Office are dictated by the Trust Agreement which was drafted by the bargaining parties.  Among the Administrative office duties are to collect the contribution amounts due from employers signed to agreement with the Laborers Union covering these Trust Funds.  Monies derived from these contributions are used to pay the various benefits for medical claims, pensions, vacation benefits, as well as training, free of cost to laborers, at the Laborers Training School.

The Fund works to:

  • Utilize systematic and diligent efforts to maximize collections of contributions properly owed to the Trust Funds by signatory and non-signatory employers signed to Laborers’ and Project Labor Agreements;
  • Afford all participants of the plans the “peace of mind” of knowing their eligibility and benefits are secure by virtue of all employers adhering to their respective collective bargaining agreements;
  • “Level the playing field” appropriately by ensuring employers do not enjoy an unfair competitive advantage by reason of their failure to tender proper payment of fringe benefit contributions;
  • Ensure the funds are not depleted due to employer delinquencies, and;
  • Accomplish all of the above in a professional, business-like and efficient manner, while remaining cognizant of all applicable laws and policies by which we are governed. And to continue to maintain those vital business relationships that exists with employers that are party to those agreements.

Field Liaison Program

In addition, the Construction Laborers Trust Funds for Southern California Administrative Company, LLC staff a Field Liaison program to assist signatory contractors in understanding their obligations and assisting with expert advice on specialty work, specialty skills and other aspects of the industry.

More Information

Toll Free: (800) 887-5679

Phone: (626) 258-9044