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Training Center

Our Mission

It is the Laborers Training and Retraining Trust’s primary mission to furnish participating Southern California construction contractors with a highly skilled, well trained and motivated workforce that is willing to meet the growing demands of a continuously changing industry. With the skills they need and the desire they possess, we train and retrain apprentices and journey workers to rise up to the challenge of becoming qualified and productive construction craft laborers. As a jointly administered labor-management trust fund, we ensure that we provide laborers, signatory employers, local unions and partners with quality and state-of-the-art training and services that promote safety, respect, discipline, determination, dedication, leadership and continual improvement.


The Laborers Training and Retraining Trust perceive the future as our path to the next plateau. We remain committed to lead the construction industry and set the mark in training. We strive to build on our rich history of quality services, hard work and dedication and encourage laborers to outshine as Lead persons, Foremen and superintendents. We aspire to be at the forefront of new technologies in training and services that will transform the industry and carry it into the next century, while continuously meeting the needs of our customers.

Well-trained labor is the backbone of construction…

The Southern California District Council of Laborers Training School has been providing that for more than 30 years.  Previously in Anza, California, the Laborers Training Schoolrecently relocated closer to the L.A.-Orange Counties metropolitan area to improve the level of service to LIUNA signatory employers.

Mobile Units Go to Your Work Site

To compliment this new training center, the training school has added mobile units to take training on the road to where it’s needed — the employer’s yard or job site — to help meet the challenges facing the construction industry.

Hands-on Courses

Besides the traditional construction skills training in asphalt paving, concrete placement, scaffold building, pipe shoring and trenching, the Laborers’ Training School offers hands-on courses in:

  • Asbestos and lead abatement
  • Electric arc and pipe welding
  • Non-traditional roles

Tailored Training Programs to Meet Employer’s Needs

The training school also has the capability to create or tailor training to the employers’ specific needs. For new members needing instruction on basic construction skills and good work habits, the “Fundamentals of Construction” classes will meet their needs.

Apprenticeship Program Provides on-the-job Training

Additionally, both the Department of Labor and the State of California have recognized and approved the Laborers Apprenticeship Program for Southern California’s Indentured Apprentices for use on all Federal Davis-Bacon and California prevailing wage projects. Within the required 3000 hours of on-the-job training, the apprentice learns the general skills of the laborer as well as specific skill areas in: 

  • Environmental remediation
  • Building Construction
  • Heavy/Highway Construction

In addition, the Indentured Apprentice must attend 216 hours of supplemental/related instruction in classroom and hands-on type format, during the minimum 18-month program.

More Information

Laborers’ Training School or Laborers’ Apprenticeship
(626) 610-1700